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Learning Disabilities in Children: Unlearn myths, understand behavioural challenges , unleash your child’s potential

Learning Disabilities have a huge number of misconceptions associated with them and coupled with the real challenges of supporting a learning-disabled child, parents and educators struggle on a daily basis. Learning the truth behind the most common learning disabilities help your child succeed in confronting everyday difficulties to making long-term gains.

About LDExplained

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LDExplained is India's first comprehensive resource website on learning disabilities among children and young adults. As the parent of an affected child working to help them learn to manage their challenges and deal with the world better or an educator/counsellor looking to upgrade your skills to equip your students to learn better, you can use LDExplained as an information resource to learn about the various LDs and management strategies and keep abreast with the latest research and methodologies developed nationally and globally. LDExplained is designed for all stakeholders right from the family of the affected child to the policymaker who need to work together to help the child cope with ... Read More
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Why LDExplained?

Be it understanding how and whys of learning disabilities or seeking advice from experts to understanding the role school and independent counsellors play, you can use LDExplained to prepare your child for the world. At the same time, use this portal to get involved and become part of a wider community which derives support and knowledge from within itself.
We focus on inclusive growth of our children
Whether you are a parent or an educator, for any help related to learning disability, get in touch with us.

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