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Would you like to engage with us and contribute towards the cause of managing Learning Disabilities?

Children with learning disabilities need all the help they can get to overcome the challenges of their conditions and adapt to life’s requirements. LDE attempts to help by the dissemination of factual, contextual and accurate information which can help care-givers to understand and better serve the needs of their children. 

If you would like to work towards the cause of Learning Disabilities, or are already associated and working in the field, and want to connect with us, we are happy to engage with you.

There are various ways to contribute

  • Contribute an Article on personal experiences with LD or a topic related to LD
  • Tell us about an Event you are organizing
  • Request to get Listed on the website if you provide any specific type of services for LD affected families
  • NGO working in the area of LD and interested in using LDE content or expertise for the benefit of their beneficiaries.

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